The Sign of Ruin . . .

During a philosophy class, student Glenn Wallis had a flash of cosmic consciousness while doodling in his notebook.

Upon returning to his ordinary state of consciousness, he discovered that he had been a medium for a transmission from another realm.

A whole page had been filled with the “automatic” doodling of a cryptic glyph, repeated many times over.

Glenn later adopted this glyph as the insignia for his hardcore rock band, Ruin… from there, this symbol, sign, insignia, secret code (whatever), found its way to be graffiti, fingered in cement, painted on jackets, stuck on the Eiffel Tower, hung in art galleries, and tattooed on living flesh.

(Bottom right photo taken on the Eiffel Tower.)

It was rendered on canvas by Mike Stevens for the cover of Ruin’s “Fiat Lux” lp, and later used for the “Songs of Reverie and Ruin…” disc label art .

Ruin-Fiat Lux cover

Is it the secret sign of a benevolent occult organization?

Ruin has no comment.